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NEC MultiSync displays for public places support up to 6 simultaneous touches

NEC Display Solutions Europe unveiled the latest addition to its line-up of public displays equipped with touch screens. These devices allow you to provide a new level of interactivity for systems used in the retail industry, for route guidance and boardrooms of major corporations.



All-new 46-inch and 65-inch NEC MultiSync public will support up to six simultaneous touches (or up to four drag operations), depending on your operating system. The displays are equipped with four cameras with and provide their users with fast response time and frequency of up to 120 frames per second, ending up as easy to use, cost effective solutions for high-definition interactive applications. There is no need to perform the calibration operations.


NEC’s MultiSync display series with touch screens are equipped with tempered safety glass with double anti-reflective coating, allowing you to utilize the functionality of modern operating systems. Advertisers, teachers, and other customers can provide users with interactive tools that help in attracting the attention of visitors and passers-by and allow them take use of live data exchange with business.


These optimized sensory capabilities of the screens are provided by NEC’s partner - Lumio. The company offers proprietary equipment and algorithms that enable providing an optical sensor system that does not require remote cameras. Through the use of cameras instead of capacitive or resistive touch panel users can enter data using their hands (gloves supported) or stylus.


"Touch screens of different types are used for many years, but the advent of smartphones and tablets has increased their relevance. Our all-new MultiSync public displays family, equipped with touch screens and support for multi-touch, follows this new trend, "- Thorsten Wilm, director of product management at NEC Display Solutions Europe.


"Support of sensor technology increases profitability through the direct involvement of the consumer and the convenience of intuitive interaction. It reduces operating costs and personnel costs. These new additions to our range of public displays are the result of our close partnership with Lumio, - said Wilm. "These displays give customers full advantage of modern operating systems, and let them create a truly interactive visualization systems that have a high degree of attractiveness and ease of use. "


It is expected that 46 - and 65-inch public displays - NEC MultiSync V462-TM and NEC MultiSync V651-TM - will be available this autumn. Package includes power cable, VGA, and quick set up guidance on CD-ROM. On these models NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three-year warranty that covers the backlight system.

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