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Boom for smaller products in the market of tablet displays

 Tablets are very popular, and its popularity is predicted to overpass popularity of laptops and desktops. Tablets are more portable than laptops, and they are appropriative both for working and leisure.

 Tablet display market develops in really high rates. Consumers looking for chip, affordable and easy device choose 7-inch tablets. According to research firms, demand for 7-inch products increased in first-quarter 2013.



Volumes of produced touch-screen displays for tablets outreached the volumes in the same period of 2012. Last few months of 2012 were characterized by decline of produced volumes, but experts said that such situation is typical for the market.


Volumes of sales of smaller-sized tablets rise very high, so volumes of producing of screen displays is size from 7 to 8 inch rise too. These tablets are rather chip (near US$ 199), so they are very popular among consumers, furthermore the prices are expected to decline because of the competition in the markets, so shipments of products is going to increase. The number of panel producers increases too, so average selling price declines very fast.


At the first-quarter 2013 producer of displays TPK captured 29% of tablet touch screen market. Company cooperates with leading clients, such as Asustek Computer, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. That’s why company takes leading position among the suppliers of tablet touch panels in the market. The next big supplier, Iljin Display, cooperates with Samsung Electronics. Shipments of company account 15.5% of the market.


Subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, GIS, produces touch panels for Apple’s iPad and iPad mini, also company works with Amazon, supplying 8.9-inch touch panels. Thanks to cooperation with such big companies, GIS managed the third place in the market in tablet display market.


Some time ago Wintek supplied touch displays for Apple iPad, so company shared the second place in the market with TPK, but together with rising of GIS, Wintek’s position faded out.


The same time O-Film from China entered the market with low-price 7-inch product, and now volumes of shipments of the company rise at a fast rate. Now O-Film is in a top five of the suppliers in tablet display market.


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