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Golden iPhone 5S and budget iPhone 5C

The main interest of September 2013 for everyone, who tries to have his finger on the pulse of iPhone market, is Apple’s new iPhone. Heightened interest is connected with the fact, that two years running Apple presented new products exactly in September, so consumers are waiting for the new iPhone this year too. According to last reports, company is going to live up to their expectations. This September Apple is going to represent not one but two iPhones: iPhone 5S (successor to the iPhone 5) and iPhone 5C. Apple doesn’t want to comment any following reports or speculations, but company gave some information about new products.



iPhone 5C is said to be the cheap version targeted for budget market. But, according to some saucers, that “budget” version will be rather expensive, and may not actually drop to a true budget price. iPhone 5C is supposed to be a good solution for people, who want to follow Apple life style, but can’t justify the price. But, as analysts noted, 5C will cost around $400-500, although the price of top-tier version of iPhone is only $200 more. So, it seems to be that iPhone 4S will hold it’s own as the actual budget phone.


iPhone 5S is expecting to have similar design to iPhone 5, but with some changes. At first, it is color:  rumors suggested that for the first time consumers will get "golden" iPhone. Some customers imagined something like big gold break, and told that it will be really ugly. But actually it will be closer to the color of champagne.


iPhone 5S is supposed to have fingerprint sensor. It is going to be both the way of authentication and alternative to entering the PIN or password. Also Apple noted that the next version of software has improved features, which will help to protect your telephone from thefts or Apple picking. For example, you will have to input your Apple ID before resetting the device.


Of course, new iPhone is expecting to have hardware improvements. Some sources say that it will use A7, a new version of Apple processor that will be more efficient and capable to aid battery life.Also Apple reported about improved camera with better flash to take photos in bad-light conditions.


However, to validate or disprove rumors, we have to wait until September 10 – the date, when Apple planes to present new iPhones.   


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