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New version of UNIVERGE 3C from NEC: for maximum mobility and efficiency

NEC presented new version of UNIVERGE 3C(TM) Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) software platform. Improved version 8.5 includes a lot of functions and will make operation more efficient and mobile.

UNIVERGE solution is a complex of instruments based on open standards that was developed by NEC for joining of local multimedia networks. The main goal of solution is to enhance capacity of shared telecommunication infrastructure including all modern ways of transmission of information. It allows supplying shared workplaces with rich content and video cooperation. UNIVERGE is based on three principles: usability, mobility and secure.



Company noted that on developing of UNIVERGE 3C all main factors, that may influence on both technical and economical side of construction of corporation network infrastructure and services, were considered. UNIVERGE 3C uses range of desktop and mobile clients that integrate user experience for the workforce.


UNIVERGE 3C successfully integrates with systems of data transmission, IT-systems and applications that gives an opportunity to optimize running of business.


UNIVERGE 3C gives an opportunity to apply any combination of IP phone or any phone number (cell phone or phone of home office) as an alternative to telephony media device. So, user will be able to monitor all calls, and decide whether he wants to take it or not. Every call can be moved from one device to another without interruption, and users can stay connected even if their working style means not sitting in office but moving and mobility. This advantage makes administration easier and low-cost.


UNIVERGE 3C is user-friendly, so there is no matter what client is used: desktop, tablet, or mobile device - the same information is available.


UNIVERGE 3C improves standard audio and video components, so it gives an opportunity to users to create collaborative solutions using the same set of tools, regardless of the place where they work: in personal office, out of the office, or in a shared workspace.


UNIVERGE 3C is easy-scalable; it can develop and expand according to the requirements of users. It will be the best solution for your business regardless of size of your company: UNIVERGE 3C is appropriate for both small companies and transnational corporations.

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