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Europe meets curved OLED TVs from LG

In April 2013 LG Electronics announced curved OLED TVs. Few months later new TVs have already been available for American customers. Now company wants to expand the market, so she reported about starting of shipments of OLED TVs to Europe. First models of TVs (55EA9800) are expected in Germany this week. In the fourth quarter 2013 LG planes to develop markets of other countries. Management of the company noted that they “want to start a new era in home entertainment for European customers”.

According to research firms, the demand for new technology will grow all over the world by 2016. Now company is the first, who offers new solution in the USA and Europe, so LG is expecting to be the leading provider of new generation TVs.


OLED TVs are characterized by unique design and screen brightness. Flat-panel displays may distort the picture (sometimes it seems to be outstretched), but curved display solves the problem.


The model of TV, which European customers will be able to buy very soon, is 55-inch LG 55EA9800. Display of TV is based on the WRGB technology that uses Four-Color Pixel system with white subpixel in additional to red, green and blue for the best rendering of color. Other technology, Color Renifer, makes colors more vivid and more natural at the same time. Contrast ratio of LG 55EA9800 providers called "Infinite": thanks to self-lightning pixels, that switch on and off individually, black color looks like absolutely black without lightening. Technology of new TV doesn’t mean viewing angle: display allows watching at any angle. LG 55EA9800 supports system of Smart Control (control with the help of scroll wheel, “pointer” tool and voice mate) and Smart TV (includes connection to the Internet and rich network content, convenient tools of search with personal set-up). So, in general, curved OLED TVs can really be called “TV’s of new generation”.


We are waiting for shipments of curved OLED TVs’ to European markets.

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