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Samsung and LG are going to launch flexible display smartphones

In October 2013 the Korean company Samsung Electronics plans to present the first smartphone with the flexible curved display. Company informally says that the flexible screen of the mobile device is an attempt of the company to declare itself as an innovator, first-ever introducing the latest development.



Sources say that curved displays earlier were developed for TVs, however management of the company made the decision that the market of smartphones is now the hottest direction, and it is necessary to concentrate in it first of all.

Curved screens itself now are at the different stages of development. Developers of such displays say that flexible screens are the best decision for devices of non-standard design and look. Besides, they open the way to more widespread introduction of so-called wearable electronics, not only in aspect of “smart” glasses or “smart” watches, but also the electronic systems which are integrated in clothes.

Company say that flexible displays are the extremely perspective direction, and in the future the majority of smartphones of the company will work with displays of this kind.

Insiders say that the first device with the flexible screen, most likely, will have limited circulation and will be available only in South Korea. Also they note that while the technology of curved screens isn't fulfilled yet and mass production is quite expensive, so final devices will be rather expensive too.

From the technical point of view advantage of flexible displays is that they can be thin as a sheet of paper, and also can resist deformation and thermal influence.

Besides, the second Korean producer — LG — is also ready to begin the mass production of flexible displays. However, company will be able to roll out only 35 thousand screens monthly. But, despite little volumes, Koreans also plan to launch the Android-powered smartphone with the new flexible display till the end of the month.


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