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Nokia announces six new products


Finnish company expands a model range of smartphones and announces the first tablet computer. Nokia placed the main emphasis on the camera, so new model of fablet (it means combination of the phone and the tablet computer, in other words, the wide-screen smartphone) Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41-megapixel lens. The new flagship of the company - Lumia 1520 has the 6-inch screen (against 4,5-inch at Lumia 1020), but twice smaller resolution of the camera - 20 megapixels. According to managers of the company, it was made with the purpose to make phone thinner.



The Finnish producer also announced budget version of new product - Nokia Lumia 1320 with 5-megapixel camera and weaker processor. The retail prices of the Lumia 1520 and 1320 are $739 and $339.

Debut of the first tablet computer of the company – Lumia 2520 became the main news of the event. It received the 10,1-inch display and a lens with resolution of 6,7-megapixels and ability to work in networks 4G LTE. The cost of the tablet PC is 499 dollars.

Also company presented three budget models of the touch phones declared as a development of the Nokia Asha line up.  Information of all three models has leaked to the Internet before so their features were not a great surprise. But all of them look really nice – bodies made of transparent and colored plastic. Emphasis is placed for the camera – settings are available with the help of the contact with the touch screen.

It is expected that sales of all listed models in the USA will start already in the current year; and in other countries it is going to be available in the first quarter 2014. It should be noted that new products will be the last mobile devices of Nokia that have been completely developed before the transaction with Microsoft. On September 2013 it was declared that the largest producer of the software - Microsoft Corporation - buys mobile division of the Finnish company. The amount of transaction is $7,2 billion.


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